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NJR Steering Committee

The National Joint Registry Steering Committee (NJRSC) was established in 2002 to oversee the strategic development and running of the NJR. It is an NHS England Committee of Experts. The NJRSC sets the strategic direction of the NJR, with the NJR Management Team managing the work programme approved by the NJRSC and sub-committees. The NJRSC is responsible for the overall NJR budget and approval of work, supported by appropriate business case(s), aligned to the NJR’s Strategic Plan. The NJR Executive Committee (NJREC) meets monthly and holds delegated authority for budget approval or adjustment where appropriate.

Mrs Laurel Powers-Freeling has been Chairman of the committee since 1 April 2011. Mrs Powers-Freeling has significant experience on both commercial and charity boards, as well as an understanding of joint replacement as a patient.

Mr Martyn Porter is the NJR Medical Director and Vice Chairman, appointed from 1 February 2014.  Mr Porter is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, a Past President of the BOA and a Past President of the International Society of Arthroplasty Registers (ISAR). 

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The NJR Steering Committee ensures:

  • That the NJR budget is effectively managed/monitored
  • That outcomes achieved by brand of prostheses, hospital and surgeon are monitored and where these fall below expected performance are highlighted to enable prompt investigation and follow-up by relevant implant suppliers, regulators, commissioners and providers of orthopaedic care
  • That appropriate stakeholders, for example patients, clinicians, providers and commissioners of healthcare, regulators and implant suppliers, are involved in and consulted on the work of the National Joint Registry as appropriate and are informed of the outcomes achieved in joint replacement surgery
  • That patient awareness of joint replacement outcomes is enhanced to better inform patient choice and patient’s quality of experience through engagement with patients, patient organisations and providers of care
  • That appropriate governance and monitoring arrangements are in place to facilitate the use of NJR data to support and enable related research.

NJRSC Members

Name Role Start date Expiry date Term no. Sub-committee role
Laurel Powers-Freeling Chairman




Chair, NJR Executive Committee
Mr Martyn Porter Medical Director and Vice Chair 01/02/14

Chair, NJR Editorial Board and NJR Medical Advisory Committee
Mr Peter Howard Orthopaedic Surgeon 27/05/14


Chair, NJR Surgeon  Performance, NJR Implant Performance, and NJR Implant Scrutiny sub-committees
Prof. Amar Rangan

Orthopaedic Surgeon

01/06/15   31/05/18  1st  
Gillian Coward Patient representative

01/10/15   30/09/18  1st  
Mr David Macdonald Independent Healthcare Provider

01/04/16   31/03/19  1st  
Prof. Mark Wilkinson Public Health/ Epidemiology

01/02/14   31/01/18  1st Chair, NJR Research Sub-Committee
Rob Hurd NHS Trust Management


Position currently vacant Orthopaedic Implant Manufacturer        
Position currently vacant Orthopaedic Implant Manufacturer        
Position currently vacant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Position currently vacant Practitioner with Special Interest in Orthopaedics

Position currently vacant Patient Representative



NJRSC co-opted members

Name Co-opted Membership Role  NJR Sub-committee role 

Mr Matthew Porteous

Orthopaedic Surgeon co-opted member

Chair, NJR RCC Committee and NJR Data Quality Sub-committee 

Prof. Tim Briggs

National Director of Clinical Quality and Efficiency, NHS Improvement


Khalid Razak
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Robin Rice

Welsh Government


Andy Smallwood

NHS Procurement


Mr Ananda Nanu

President, British Orthopaedic Association


Position currently vacant Orthopaedic Surgeon co-opted member  


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